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BECA delivers Carbo-Jet DUO System BECA to Sources Rosport

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International sales partners wanted

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Test Unit Yeast Propagation

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Every effect has a cause: intelligent processing equipment developed by BECA® is the key to operational efficiency and reliability in the brewing , beverage, food and pharmaceutical industry.

Every cause has a cause: BECA® channels the expertise of its high-calibre engineering team into electronic processing and control technology that is truly pioneering. The end result: unrivalled quality for which BECA® has become renowned in Europe and , indeed, throughout the world.

Our engineering solutions are tailored to your expectations and requirements. Indeed, your briefing serves as the starting point for all subsequent activities. What initially may be considered a technical obstacle is often little more than a challenge to logic. As a specialist in turn key solutions, we are equal to such challenges and look forward to applying our repertoire of skills to the benefit of your project.

Our portfolio includes the full range of professional service – from development, engineering and manufacture to delivery and installation. Needless to say, we will also be at your service once the plant is up and running. Our reputation as a reliable partner to industry is a testament not only to the siklls of our in-house Automation Department but also to our ability to react rapidly to technical queries. At BECA®, remote servicing is an integral part of our product offering.


Beverage Production Premix  Flash pasteurisation  CIP  Mixing Degassing 
  Biological acidification  Yeast Revitalisation  Dynamic Crossflow Filtration Carbonation  Ultra-high temperature
SIP  Yeast dosing  Continous Sugar dissolving  Yeast culture
High Gravity Blending Yeast Propagation