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BECA delivers Carbo-Jet DUO System BECA to Sources Rosport

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Patent: Circulation mode

The innovative and patented Carbonation System BECA® provides accurate CO2 dosing and control. It is not affected by variations in pressure, flowrate or interruptions in the supply of product.

CO2 is injected into the constant circulation stream by means of a special BECA® injector, which increases the turbulence and therefore the mixing intensity. The plant will continue to run even when output is interrupted, and thus guarantees exact CO2 content all the time.

The system disrupts any laminar flow of the product to be carbonated. CO2 dissolves more readily in the product under turbulent conditions. This increases the contact area between the gas and the liquid and produces a stable CO2/product mix.

There are no dead-legs. The unit is cleaned as part of the CIP of the product circuit.

Your at-a-glance benefits of using the BECA® Carbonation CarboJet System: